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I Think That I’m the Illest (DJ Buck Rodgers Live Remix)

Mixes, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Jul 22, 2016   

I Think That I’m the Illest (DJ Buck Rodgers Live Remix)

Watch as DJ Buck Rodgers from Austin performs a live remix on BPM Supreme TV.

@texasmadetattoo #whatthebuck #tattoo

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DJ Buck Rodgers, turntablist, is a regular fixture in clubs around Texas and the Midwest. In addition to producing music on indie label Distinct Dimension, he is affiliated with BPM Supreme and Texas Scratch League. He describes his style as a combination of dance, Top 40, hip hop, house, twerk and trap; and has opened for a diverse array of artists including Aftrojack, Diplo, Ludacris and Talib Kweli. He likes to say, “What the Buck,” but, “The Buck stops here,” would also work as a catch phrase.

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