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Interactive Music Map Chronicles History of Genres

News, Technology, Visual Jockeys | Jul 20, 2016   

Interactive Music Map Chronicles History of Genres

Musicmap is a new website that dynamically charts the history of music in intricate detail. Use it to explore your favorite genres.

Don’t waste time arguing about what defines a genre when you could just consult this map. Data scientists spent over seven years researching it to make sure that the ideal genealogy is complete and correct. That’s why they call it The Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres from Origin till Present (1870-2016). Note that at this time the music map is not compatible with the Safari web browser.


First they had to define every music genre in the world since 1870. Then they organized the information in hierarchical order, which came out as a complex labyrinth of tangled lines and shapes. A timeline makes it apparent when each style came into prominence. The system is also color coded for reference. Scientists found 15 super genres, 234 main genres and 600 to 1000 sub genres. They paid special attention to parent and influencing genres when arranging them together on the music map. Zoom in and out of the map, and click on individual genres for more information.


“Why would they bother to do that?” you might ask. Musicmap gives anyone the ability to discover musical genres, no matter what age, sex, financial standing or education. The company wants more people to go outside of their comfort zone, and listen to music they may not hear otherwise. The map provides a framework for categorization of music databases such as iTunes or Spotify. At the same time it encourages dialogue on musical genres, reduces discrimination and discourages pigeonholing of artists and fans. is free to use and available online now. Visit the dynamic web map and type in your favorite genre to read more about it’s history and influences.

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