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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Oct 04, 2016   

Introducing the Genesis 1 Custom Synthesizer

The Genesis 1 custom synthesizer was created by 2BTruman so that he could play electronic music without touching a computer or computer accessory.

Ask Audio reports that 2BTruman is the engineer of this beautiful dual screen synthesizer. The Genesis 1 custom synthesizer runs Ableton Live without the use of a laptop. It will have twelve separate patches that play different notes, connects to up to eight MIDI controllers and there will be a beat machine.


According to 2BTruman, “I built the Genesis, which runs on a Mac Mini (hidden inside), Ableton Live, and Bome Midi Translator. The touch interface is based on HTML.” He continued, “I wanted a system that allowed me to have access to just the parameters and commands that I needed.”

The system is not available for purchase just yet, although you should follow us online to stay up to date. Learn more about 2BTruman on Instagram below.


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