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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jun 14, 2016   

Introducing Novation LaunchPad 2.0 for iOS

Today Novation released the second version of their LaunchPad app for iOS. The latest version has some cool new features and is compatible with Ableton Link.

novation launchpad app 2.0

As a free download, the Novation LaunchPad app was already a neat way to remix music on your iPhone or iPad. It comes with a premium sound library from Loopmasters and the ability to import audio. And you can also pay for in-app purchases. Play up to eight tracks simultaneously, edit audio using popular sound effects, and connect it to an MIDI output.

The update includes new elements such as a real time stretch engine that changes the tempo in mid-play. There is also a tempo controller, and now the effects adapt to the tempo intelligently as it changes. Sync it up to other apps and devices using Ableton Link. The app supports AudioShare, AudioBus, Audio Copy and MIDI Sync.

If you have an idea for how to make the LaunchPad better let Novation know by emailing Or visit

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