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BPM Supreme TV, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Jun 10, 2016   

Jose Rodriguez’ June Freestyle on BPM Supreme TV

DJ Jose Rodriguez lays out an innovative scratch routine on BPM Supreme TV.

Yesterday night ? #breakbeat #malaga #qfo #scratchscience

A photo posted by Jose Rodríguez (@joserodriguezdj) on

Rodriguez calls Rincón de la Victoria in the south of Spain home, where he usually focuses on scratching as opposed to clubbing. Last year the turntablist placed fourth at the IDA 2015 World Scratch Battle.

One of our newest members, Rodriguez joined the team last spring. Since then he has posted a series of scratch routines that garner views from interested parties. The Latin DJ is part of BPM Latino’s campaign to appeal to more Spanish speaking producers.

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