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This Las Vegas Taco Bell Has a DJ Booth

DJ Experience, News | Nov 17, 2016   

This Las Vegas Taco Bell Has a DJ Booth

Taco Bell has unveiled a flagship destination on the Las Vegas strip that includes DJ booths, a retail store, VIP lounges and memorabilia on the walls.

The fast food industry has been making changes to reverse declining sales now that people are more conscious about health issues. While McDonalds chose to renovate their menu, Taco Bell appears to be focusing more on atmosphere and aesthetic. So they are opening a super Taco Bell in Vegas that is more like the Hard Rock or Rainforest Cafe.


Taco Bell Cantina Las Vegas

In addition to the live music and VIP areas the flagship Taco Bell will have a retail store that sells branded shirts, bikinis, rings and towels. The will sell alcoholic beverages in addition to Americanized tacos.

This is actually the fourth more sophisticated Taco Bell. In September 2015 they opened ‘Taco Bell Cantinas’ in Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco. The San Francisco locale was tech savvy with a mobile pickup window and energy efficient LED lighting.

According to Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell, the store is the “ultimate expression of the Taco Bell brand and lifestyle.” She continued with, “We’re going to have a lot of fun playing around with it and seeing what people respond to.”


Brian Niccol, Chief Executive Officer at Taco Bell, added, “Building new restaurants is a key component to the overall growth and evolution of Taco Bell. Great design, great food and great economics are at the heart of our growth.”

In 2014 Dillon Francis partnered with his favorite restaurant Taco Bell to promote the corporation’s mobile app. Users can order food online and pick it up afterwards. You can save your favorites and re-order them by rotating the phone 180 degrees.

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