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Make a Statement with Gold HDJ-X5BT Headphones from Pioneer DJ

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Sep 17, 2019   

Make a Statement with Gold HDJ-X5BT Headphones from Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has introduced a new gold version of the popular HDJ-X5BT over-ear DJ headphones. The HDJ-X5BT-N headphones feature both a wired connection and Bluetooth wireless technology making them a great choice for traveling DJs. 

The multifunctional HDJ-X5BT headphones are ideal for mixing in the booth or monitoring music at home. With high-resolution, well-balanced tuning and bass reflex chambers in the housings, you’ll get excellent bass response and sound insulation.

Durability is important for DJs on the go, and these cans have been are rigorously tested to ensure they can handle heavy use and harsh environments. For Bluetooth wireless use, a three-hour charge gives you up to approximately 20 hours of playback, while the included 1.2m coiled cable lets you easily plug in at the club and automatically disable Bluetooth and other buttons.

HDJ-X5BT headphones have a foldable, easy-to-carry design, plus comfortable ear pads, a swivel mechanism, and flexible headband inherited from the previous HDJ-X models. Alongside the new gold color (HDJ-X5BT-N), these headphones are also available in metallic black (HDJ-X5BT-K), metallic red (HDJ-X5BT-R), and gloss white (HDJ-X5BT-W).

Get the HDJ-X5BT-N headphones later this month for $149 USD. To learn more, visit the Pioneer DJ website.


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One thought on “Make a Statement with Gold HDJ-X5BT Headphones from Pioneer DJ

  1. I’m old school but keep up-to-date with technology, specially Bluetooth. Although we all know that sometimes cooled cables can be annoying at times and we wish they made Bluetooth headphones (and they did!), now I’m skeptical about trusting in a pair. Worries or concerns if your battery is charged enough or will there be ANY split mini-second of latency that you won’t be able to discover unless you’re using a monitor, would be my first on my list. I’d probably give them a try at home decks for maybe 30 days vigorously before taking them public.

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