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Mixcloud Launches Livestreaming Feature for DJs, Artists, and Audio Creators

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Apr 20, 2020   

Mixcloud Launches Livestreaming Feature for DJs, Artists, and Audio Creators

During a unique time where DJs are connecting with fans online rather than in-person, Mixcloud has announced a game-changing new way for DJs to livestream. Mixcloud LIVE acts as the first music-focused solution that allows DJs, artists, and audio creators to livestream without the concern of copyright issues. Plus, the platform provides users with potential opportunities to generate income through their content. 

Mixcloud is known for being a safe and licensed platform that allows DJs to upload mixes, radio shows, and other long-form audio. While the new livestreaming feature is still in beta form, it is available now for all of Mixcloud’s PRO members. Mixcloud LIVE works with all major streaming tools such as OBS and Wirecast – all via a legal and licensed platform.

“We hope that Mixcloud LIVE brings a little more fun – and maybe some dancing – into your home. Particularly at this time when the world is socially distant, and we all need to feel a bit closer. In addition, we are very focused on helping creators generate more income directly from their fans via their live streams,” said Cofounder Nico Perez.

So how do you get paid? For starters, Mixcloud’s licensing model allows both curators and artists who get played to get paid. Mixcloud LIVE has been integrated from the start with Mixcloud SELECT, the program that lets users earn an income directly from fans who support their channel for a small monthly contribution. 

Coming soon, Mixcloud LIVE plans to allow users to archive audio and livestreams. For a limited time, in response to the current crisis, Mixcloud is offering extended 90-day trials of Mixcloud PRO for any new users and is also waiving certain fees on SELECT. To learn more or get started, visit Mixcloud’s website here.

Let us know if you’ll be giving Mixcloud LIVE a try. Have you been livestreaming on your IG or Twitch? Leave a comment below.

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