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News, Technology, Videos | Apr 22, 2019   

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Gives DJs and Producers Key Detection Inside a DAW

From the creators of award-winning Mixed In Key harmonic mixing DJ software comes Mixed In Key Studio Edition, a VST/AU plugin for Mac and Windows that allows DJs, composers, and producers to detect the exact key of samples in real-time. Keep reading for more.

Used by big name DJs like Morgan Page, Kaskade, and David Guetta, Mixed In Key was designed to help DJs create flawless mixes. By scanning your music, the software shows you which tracks can be mixed together perfectly without a key clash.

Similarly, the new Studio Edition brings this key detection technology right into your DAW with one button and no guesswork. You can speed up your workflow by instantly analyzing sounds and samples, then perfectly matching them to your production or DJ mix. Mixed In Key Studio Edition can also help to tune your vocals and make mashups and re-edits.

“Knowing the key of your samples, acapellas and instrumentals is essential – and now it’s finally in the DAW, in real time. No more file scanning. Just drag-and-drop this plugin into your session,” said Morgan Page about Mixed In Key Studio Edition.

A full list of features include:

  • Fastest way to detect the key in your DAW
  • Usable on any audio source – just add it to an audio channel as a VST or AU
  • Works on the Master bus as well
  • Analyze your samples
  • Establish the root key
  • Be able to see key changes inside your audio source
  • Easy to use, and includes the industry-favorite Mixed In Key algorithm

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is officially supported by Ableton Live (9 and 10), FL Studio 20, and Logic Pro X. It’s available now as an instant download for $58 USD or you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial.

Mixed In Key Other is behind other great products like Captain Plugins music composition plugins and Odesi music composition software. To learn more or to download any of these tools, visit the Mixed In Key website.

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