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News, Technology, Videos | Sep 20, 2019   

Mixed In Key’s Captain Melody 3.0 Features Six New Tools for Songwriting

Mixed In Key has released the latest update in the award-winning Captain Plugins series, Captain Melody 3.0 for Mac and Windows. Captain Melody 3.0 includes six powerful new tools for writing songs and melodies. Keep reading for more.

The newest innovation in Captain Melody 3.0 is the “Idea Box” that helps craft melodies for plucks, pianos, analog and VST synths, guitars, voice, and other instruments. You can play your finished melody with the built-in Captain Plugins sounds, or route to another virtual instrument of your choice.

Captain Melody 3.0 allows you to import MIDI files and convert them to the key of your song. As part of the Captain Plugins suite, it’s also compatible with Ableton Live, FL Studio, and other DAWS.

All of the new features in Captain Melody 3.0 include:

  • The “Idea Box”
  • Tension Editor
  • Pencil and Paintbrush for MIDI
  • First Note and Lanes
  • Import MIDI Files
  • Random “Dice” Button
  • Magic Record
  • New Presets Inspired by the latest Spotify Charts
  • Ability to Send MIDI to VST’s
  • Available for Mac and Windows

Captain Melody 3.0 is available as a free update for existing Captain Plugins users. The entire suite of Captain Plugins can be purchased for $79. To learn more about all of the new features, visit the Mixed In Key website.

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  1. What??? Songwriting??? Mayby you need spoon feeding as well? This is a game on a computer that would suit primary school level. No passion no thought no feeling, no fucking point

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