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News, Technology, Videos | Aug 24, 2018   

Mobile DJ Tips with Bunn DJ Company | Episode 6

If you’re a mobile DJ, chances are you love your job. But many times, mobile DJs find themselves in situations that are unique to other professions. Sometimes you might even find yourself in a predicament dealing with difficult people (a.k.a. jerks).

Overly intoxicated wedding guests, upset clients, or angry vendors can all be classified as a mobile DJ’s worst enemy. On this episode of Mobile DJ Tips with Bunn DJ Company, Joe Bunn takes us through specific scenarios that are (unfortunately) rather common. While we hope you never have to deal with the issues mentioned in this video, it’s better to be prepared and ready for anything.

Watch the full episode above and let us know what kind of dilemmas you’ve dealt with in the past. Do you have any tips for handling unruly guests or ways you’ve had to smooth over problems with your clients? We want to hear from you!

Also be sure to catch up on Episodes 1-5 if you haven’t already. We’ve covered topics like using uplighting, choosing the right speakers, creating a brand image, and organizing your music library.

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