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Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jul 19, 2016   

Moog Music Makes Minimoogs Year Round Now

Today Moog Music announced they would resume full production of the Minimoog Model D synthesizer after over 30 years of semi-retirement.

minimoog model d profile shot 2016

The Minimoog Model D was introduced in 1970 and set the standard as the world’s first portable synthesizer. It was used to create sounds for groundbreaking albums by Kraftwerk, Gary Numan and Parliament Funkadelic. You can hear a Minimoog Model D on classic tracks from the 70’s, 80’s and 2000’s, such as ‘Catch a Fire’ by Bob Marley, ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson and Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic.’ Since it set the standard, every portable synthesizer built afterwards was modeled after this machine.

The Seventies are over, so Moog engineers added some extra features to boost the miniature Moog’s sonic capabilities. A Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure via top panel CV jacks makes pushing keys more fun. There is a dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square waveshapes, plus CV outputs for pitch, gate, velocity and after pressure, and basic MIDI integration with a mixer overload modification feature.

With a MSRP of $3,749, the Minimoog Model D isn’t cheap. Keep in mind that each one is hand crafted by American workers at the employee-owned Moog factory in Asheville, NC. The instrument is made out of an aluminum chassis and finished with locally sourced Appalachian hardwood. They use military-spec precision resistors and custom-reissued transistors to ensure perfect component placement.

Meanwhile British designers at Dorothy just released an illustration of the Minimoog synthesizer. It would seem that the inside of a Minimoog is filled with dead rockstars and celebrated producers making music. Order the print online for about £30 or $39.31.

minimoog illustration

minimoog illustration 2

minimoog illustration 3

Buy your Minimoog Model D after consulting the official Moog Music website for an authorized distributor. Keep in mind that they can only handcraft so many Minimoogs at a time, so there may be a waiting list.

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