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New Speakers for Your At-Home Production Studio

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Feb 15, 2018   

New Speakers for Your At-Home Production Studio

As a DJ, producer, or both, you probably have an at-home work station where you listen to music, download tracks from BPM Supreme, prepare music for live sets, or work on production. But what does your speaker situation look like?

We found a few great options if you’re looking to take your home studio up a notch with powered studio monitors (ones that don’t require an external amplifier and work with a typical wall outlet). Keep reading to see a few brand-new monitors and one tried-and-true option. 

New – Samson MediaOne M50

First thing we’ll note here is that these powered studio monitors are sold as a pair, which is not so typical. They feature an internal amplifier, solid wood construction, and high-quality components that bring big, balanced sound. Whether you’re producing tracks or listening to music, these stereo monitors are perfect for desktop use.

Scoop a pair of these for around $120. Visit Samson’s website for more information.

samson 2


New – JBL 3 Series MkII 

This compact powered studio monitor option integrates the innovative JBL Image Control Waveguide to provide a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range for its class. They’re great for at-home use and will enhance both your listening and mixing experience. Sold at a reasonable price, you can find JBL 3 Series monitors starting around $150 each. Learn more on the JBL website.

New – Adam Audio T Series

The T Series is ADAM Audio’s new range of professional 2-way powered studio monitors. There are two models to choose from: the T5V features a 5” woofer and the T7V uses a 7” woofer. Features include a wide frequency response, high dynamic range, excellent transient response, wide sweet spot and small footprints. These guys will be available later this month for around $400-$500 each. Learn more on the Adam Audio website.

adam audio body

Bonus – Yamaha HS Series 

Although not brand new to the market, the Yamaha HS5 is definitely an option to consider. It has impressive clarity and sound quality for its size and price. Unlike studio monitors with added bass or treble frequencies, the Yamaha HS Series was designed to give you the most honest, precise reference possible, providing an ideal sonic platform to build on throughout the mixing process. You can scoop the HS5 on Amazon for under $200, but check out the full Series here

What does your at-home set up look like? Do you have a set of monitors that you absolutely love? Leave us a comment below!

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