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DJ Experience, News, Technology | Feb 22, 2018   

New Toy Alert: The Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile Turntable Is Here

If you’re a turntable enthusiast, we think you’ll really like what Henley Audio has “debuted” this week. The Pro-Ject Debut III S is an audiophile turntable modeled after the award-winning Debut design. It has new features to enhance both the look and performance.

The Debut III S first caught our attention with its super-sleek aesthetic. The retro-looking turntable comes in either a high-gloss black or white finish. It’s made with a one-piece aluminum construction so it’s light but still sturdy.

A standout feature of this turntable is the S-shape tonearm with a brand new Ortofon cartridge, the Pick-IT 25a. This moving-magnet cartridge is influenced by the Ortofon OM series but has highly conductive silver spools in the generator system. The result is a very harmonic and warm, audiophile sound.

Key Features of the Debut III S include:

  • Debut turntable design with advanced features
  • One-piece S-shape tonearm with adjustable VTA
  • New Ortofon Pick-IT 25a cartridge
  • Silent-running AC synchronous motor
  • Specially developed aluminum/TPE isolation feet
  • 12″ steel platter
  • Supplied with Connect-IT E cables
  • Available in black or white finish
  • Dust cover included
  • Features new Pro-Ject company logos

For under $500, the Debut III S is available now on the Henley Audio website. Let us know what you think of this shiny new toy. Do you have a favorite turntable or cartridge/stylus combo? Leave a comment below.

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