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New ‘Walkthrough’ Series Helps You Get the Most From Your Membership

News, Technology, Videos | Jun 10, 2020   

New ‘Walkthrough’ Series Helps You Get the Most From Your Membership

Introducing “Walkthrough,” a brand new video series where we take you on a tour of the features and functionality inside of the BPM Supreme online platform. You’ll learn how to use the website to the fullest so you can get the most from your membership, and see why BPM Supreme stands out from other music services.

In part 1, we demonstrate how to manage your subscription through the ‘My Account’ area on the platform, as well as via the top-right dropdown menu.

In part 2, see click-by-click how to navigate the BPM Supreme Platform with main menu options like New Releases, Trends, and Browse.

With the largest music library made for DJs, BPM Supreme helps you discover all of the new releases, remixes, edits, and versions that you need for your mixes, livestream sets, and future gigs.

Get the most from your BPM Supreme Membership! Check out Parts 1 and 2 now, and stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4 coming soon.


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