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BPM Supreme TV, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Feb 09, 2018   

On Deck with DJ Hamma

Our search to find the best up-and-coming DJs, turntablists, and beat-jugglers continues with a new episode of On Deck. This week we bring you DJ Hamma, a turntable DJ and music lover from France. He spins and scratches Master P’s “Oooh Wee” and Tekno’s “Pana,” creating a fresh new sound.

DJ Hamma has been practicing his skills across the nightlife scene in French cities like Troyes and Paris since 2011. His performance style includes genres like hip-hop, rock, dancehall, and reggae. Check out more of DJ Hamma’s vibes on Facebook.

Find more On Deck videos here. We’re always looking for DJs and turntablists to be featured on our blog and social media. Let us know if you think you have what it takes to jump “on deck” – send us a message for more information!

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