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News, Technology | Apr 24, 2018   

Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 On-Ear Headphones Deliver HQ Sound & High Comfort

Pioneer DJ just announced a new professional on-ear headphone that promises to give you a deeper connection with your music. The HDJ-S7 headphones feature outstanding audio quality, superior durability, and improved functionally. Keep reading for all the details.

High-Quality Audio Design

The HDJ-S7 headphones are the world’s first on-ear DJ headphones to feature 40-mm HD drivers, meaning they deliver high-resolution 5kHz to 40kHz sound. This ensures the clear sound separation needed for monitoring during mixes, from rich and powerful bass to clear mid-to-high frequencies.

Rigorous Testing

The HDJ-S7 headphones were built to handle the stress that traveling from booth to booth can put on your gear. They’ve cleared the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test, as well as Pioneer DJ’s in-house durability tests.

Comfort First

With flexible and smaller on-ear cans, as well as an adjustable headband and swivel that you can fix at 45 degrees, you can wear the HDJ-S7 headphones comfortably whichever way you prefer.

The release of these on-ears is followed not too long after the launch of Pioneer’s HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7, and HDJ-X5 professional over-ear DJ headphones. If you’re questioning whether to buy on-ear or over-ear, check out the pros and cons of both. Comfort-wise, on-ear phones tend to “sweat” much less than over-ear phones and can be worn for an extended period of time. They’re also more lightweight and less bulky than over-ear phones.

HDJ-S7 on-ear headphones will be available in May for around $200 USD. Learn more and find out where to buy them on the Pioneer DJ website.

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