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News, Technology, Videos | Apr 24, 2019   

Pioneer DJ Introduces the TORAIZ SQUID Sequencer to Their Music Production Line

A week after announcing the DDJ-800 DJ controller, Pioneer DJ has returned with a new piece of hardware. Only this time, the company has added to its TORAIZ series of production gear by introducing the SQUID.

Short for SeQUencer Inspirational Device, the TORAIZ SQUID is a multitrack sequencer that is designed to act as the hub of a live performance or production rig. It can control up to 16 instruments simultaneously, keeping everything in sync with its master pulse. It’s optimized to enable users to quickly bring their ideas to life when inspiration hits.

“The SQUID will control your workflow and give you the chance to develop new styles of music as you create unique sequence patterns and phrases at the touch of a button,” Pioneer DJ says on their product page.

SQUID has 16 multicolored LED rubber pads that can be used to switch between modes, arrange phrases, and even use as a keyboard to create harmonies and chords. It’s equipped with various inputs/outputs, including a USB B terminal, MIDI terminals, and two sets of CV/Gate outputs. Users can connect their DAW to numerous samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers.

The SQUID also contains a feature called Groove Bend, which Pioneer DJ says is a first-of-its-kind production tool. It enables users to create rhythms in real time by moving the spring-loaded slider to change the trigger timing.

The TORAIZ SQUID is available now for $599. Will you be adding it to your rig? Let us know in the comments!

Watch the official introduction video above and a walkthrough video below. For full details, head to Pioneer DJ’s website.

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