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Pioneer DJ Reveals Special Edition Gold DDJ-SB3-N Serato DJ Lite Controller

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Sep 20, 2019   

Pioneer DJ Reveals Special Edition Gold DDJ-SB3-N Serato DJ Lite Controller

Just one week after releasing the attention-grabbing gold HDJ-X5BT-N headphones, Pioneer DJ has revealed a special edition gold DDJ-SB3-N controller. As one of Pioneer DJ’s most popular DJ controllers, the 2-channel DDJ-SB3 is designed to use with Serato DJ Lite and features the world’s first Pad Scratch co-developed with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The new model is packed with features from the original DDJ-SB3 but has gold-colored jog wheels and panel printings that create a bold contrast with the black body of the controller. With a layout design inherited from the top models in the DDJ-S series, DDJ-SB3-N is perfect for beginner DJs to improve their skills and craft live performances.

One of the coolest features of the DDJ-SB3 controller is the Pad Scratch feature that lets you imitate eight different scratch techniques recorded by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Any track that you’re playing or have cued up will be scratched, and the scratch speed automatically matches the track’s BPM. Use the feature in isolation or combine it with your own scratching on the other deck for limitless possibilities.

The gold DDJ-SB3-N is available now for $249 USD. Visit Pioneer DJ’s website to learn more. 

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