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DJ Experience, Mixes, News, Videos | Dec 05, 2019   

Daniel Gee Mixes It Up On The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ

In case you haven’t heard, BPM Supreme is giving away one of Pioneer DJ’s newest and most in-demand pieces of gear this holiday season – the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ. This all-in-one DJ system packs in just about every feature you’d expect in a high-end Pioneer DJ controller, including a 7-inch LCD touch screen, On Jog Display, support for rekordbox and (soon) Serato DJ Pro, and a layout inherited from Pioneer DJ’s club-standard gear.

We’ve already delivered a “Quick Look” review of the XDJ-XZ, but now it’s time for some fun. In this video, our good friend DJ Daniel G performs a solid original routine using the XDJ-XZ.

The New Year New Gear Giveaway is going on now with a grand prize worth more than $5,000! Be sure to enter for your chance to win the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ, as well as two Pioneer XPRS 12″ speakers, one-year Premium memberships to BPM Supreme and BPM Latino, and a merchandise pack from BPM Supply.

You can submit your entry to the Giveaway from now until January 3, 2020. Click here to enter and be sure to share on Facebook and Twitter to earn extra chances to win!


See It First: Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ is a Powerhouse All-in-One DJ System

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