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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Jul 01, 2016   

Pioneer Introduces DDJ-RZX and Rekordbox Video

The brand new Pioneer DDJ-RZX is fully compatible with rekordbox™ video. Use it to engineer images and videos into your DJ performance.

Today Pioneer DJ introduced the Pioneer DDJ-RZK, along with the rekordbox™ video Plus Pack for rekordbox DJ. This follows the Pioneer DDJ-RZ that was released earlier, but with marked updates and improvements.

pioneer dj packs

The Pioneer DDJ-RZX features large jog wheels and multi colored performance pads, plus a four channel controller with an independent sampler section. Ensure the best quality audio with AC inlets, a high-performance 96 KHz/32 bit D/A converter made by Asahi Kasai, and a 96kHz/24 bit USB sound card. There are three 7″ monitors that display track metadata including titles, BPM and key. Not to mention the dedicated mic section, advanced FX and compatibility with rekordbox™ video.

pioneer DDJ-RZX

A free licence key for rekordbox™ video comes bundled with every purchase of the Pioneer DDJ-RZX. This is really cool editing software for live VJ production. The advanced processing algorithm allows you to mix large audio and video files without crashing. Music, image and video files are all stored in the same library for easy access. Interact with the crowd using the additional elements of images, videos, slideshows, text or a camera that sends a live feed to your laptop.

rekordbox video

You can pick up a Pioneer DDJ-RZX from licensed distributors near you starting on July 1. 

Download new music for your Pioneer controller to spin over at

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