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News, Technology, Videos | Aug 26, 2019   

Producers Can Now Use Reason Inside Any DAW With the Reason Rack Plugin

Propellerhead, creators of Reason music software, today announced Reason 11 and Reason Studio. Reason 11 includes the new Reason Rack Plugin, allowing users for the first time to access Reason sounds inside any DAW. Keep reading for more.

With the Reason Rack Plugin, Reason instruments, effects, signal modulators, and player MIDI effects can be used in your favorite DAW. This means that producers, sound designers, and DJ/producers can access Reason’s synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers inside production software like Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and more.

Alongside Reason 11, the company has also revealed that Propellerhead will soon become Reason Studios. Although the company’s name and logo are changing, existing Propellerhead Software users can rest assured that all links and features will work the same as before.

“…The world really knows us for Reason. Reason Studios better encapsulates our mission. So this isn’t a course change into some new and scary territory. It’s about staying closer to the thing we love: Reason,” states the company’s website.

New devices in Reason 11 include Quartet Chorus Ensemble, Sweeper Modulation Effect, Master Bus Compressor, Channel Dynamics, and Channel EQ. There are also new workflow features like curved automation, audio clip crossfades, and mute MIDI notes. 

With three price points to choose from, you can start with Reason Intro for $99, step up to the standard Reason for $399, or buy the full Reason Suite for $599. The Reason Suite includes more than 70 devices in total and has a collection of instruments, effects, and other music-making tools. If you are an existing Reason user, you can upgrade to Reason Suite for $249 or Reason for $129 when Reason 11 is released.

Reason 11 and the Reason Rack Plugin arrive September 25 as a VST 3 plugin with an AU plugin version coming before the end of 2019. To learn more, try it out, or pre-purchase, visit the Propellerhead/Reason Studios website.

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