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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jun 28, 2016   

Propellerhead Showcases Reason 9 in 10-Hour Demo

Watch what happens when Jake Shaw plays the entire catalog of cutting edge sounds in Reason 9 on a 10-hour long road trip without stopping once.

reason 9 screenshot 1

Propellerhead Demos Reason 9

When Propellerhead needed a way to demo version 9.0 of Reason they decided to send Jake Shaw on an epic road trip of the California desert. Sure there are a lot of video routines that take place in the countryside, but most of them do not last 596 minutes. Most of us would never watch a full ten-hour YouTube video unless it was accidentally playing. But that’s how long it would take to play every sound available in Reason 9.

reason 9 screenshot 2

About Reason Version 9.0

A product of Swedish company Propellerhead Software, Reason 9 has many new features to get excited about. The production software brands itself as easy-to-use yet powerful. Using the program you can produce, edit, remix and master audio for your music. It has an easy to use interface that allows one to drag and drop files and instruments onto the rack. With so many new sounds to choose from the only limit is your imagination.

reason 9 screenshot 3

To Buy a Copy of Reason 9

Reason 9 production software can be yours for $399, and the Reason Essentials 9 package is available for $69. Former customers may be interested in the Reason 9 upgrade for $129, or the Essentials / Adapted / Limited Upgrade at $329. Order Reason 9 online at the official Propellerhead website, or at a distributor near you.

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