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BPM Supreme TV, DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jul 02, 2019   

‘Queued Up’ with Myles Parrish

Formerly a member of the pop duo Kalin and Myles, Bay Area artist Myles Parrish is currently making a name for himself with his bubbly, hyphy-influenced music. His recent single “BACK” has been popular amongst West Coast DJs, and his 2018 tracks “Kickback” and “Mosh Pit” have each amassed over three million streams on Spotify.

In April, Parrish stopped by our BPM Supreme headquarters in San Diego to preview his new music and talk about his solo career. While he was here, the 26-year-old also agreed to answer some fun questions for our “Queued Up” interview series.

Watch above as Parrish hilariously shows us his most useless talent, tells us what he would taste like if he were a flavor, describes what he would want his last meal on earth to be, and more.

Grab Myles Parrish’s tracks on BPM Supreme and check out his new single “Drop It (Donde Quieras)” when it drops this Wednesday, July 3.

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