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BPM Supreme TV, DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jun 08, 2018   

‘Queued Up’ with Yasmina Angele

Our newest series, Queued Up delivers a behind-the-scenes view into the lives of both established and up-and-coming artists who come through the BPM Supreme office. In this episode, we sit down with DJ Yasmina Angele. This Australian-born, French Moroccan DJ recently moved to the States to pursue her dream of creating music people can groove to.

Coming to a new country fresh out of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Yasmina was inspired by DJ culture and quickly fell in love with turntablism. As a woman in the music industry, the road hasn’t been without some bumps along the way.

“My DJ experience was difficult in some ways, being a female in the industry, because I was not taken seriously by anyone until they heard me play. Not many people know that I have a music background so they assumed I was an Instagram model trying to DJ but I’m actually a trained musician,” said Yasmina.

“Trusting myself was the best thing I did in terms of my career. I shut out the outside noise, focused on my inspirations, learned as much as I could, and applied it to my turntables,” she added.

When you hear Yasmina spin and listen to her speak about the passion she has for music, it’s clear she’s a serious musician. She puts her own spin on turntablism and studies the craft on the daily. Yasmina experiments with different sounds and explores different genres along the way.

“My style is creative. I love to throw in some foreign or underground tracks that make people look up and question what they are listening to. That’s the challenge for me, making music sound fresh,” said Yasmina.

Check out the full interview and follow Yasmina on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also stay tuned for episodes of Queued Up XL coming soon. In XL, we’ll give you more in-depth interviews with musicians, artists, and DJs. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of this new series.

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