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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Apr 17, 2019   

QUICK LOOK: Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR All-In-One DJ System

We recently unboxed Pioneer DJ’s in-demand rekordbox dj controller, the XDJ-RR, courtesy of I DJ NOW. Today we’ll take another “Quick Look” with BPM Supreme’s DJ Kerry Glass as he dives deeper into everything that this all-in-one DJ system has to offer in the video above. 

Starting with the front and center 7-inch full-color screen, we like that this unit allows you to keep an eye on your beats while performing with dedicated Beat FX and Sound Color FX. Another favorite feature is the master record function that lets you to record live sets directly to a USB drive and load it into a rekordbox library for easy editing.


All in all, the XDJ-RR is a great all-in-one unit for DJs who are on the go. It also comes bundled with a rekordbox dj license key so you can manage your music, prepare tracks, and start DJing straight out of the box. 

To learn more, check out the video up top and visit Pioneer DJ’s website. Be sure to find more of our exclusive videos on BPM Supreme’s YouTube page.

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