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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Dec 31, 2018   

QUICK LOOK: Rane DJ TWELVE Control Turntable

Back for another “Quick Look” is Rane DJ representative and expert, DJ Shortee. Today she is showing us around the Rane DJ TWELVE turntable controller, courtesy of I DJ NOW.

The Rane TWELVE is truly a game-changing piece of DJ gear. This motorized DJ control system has all the characteristics of a traditional direct-drive turntable, but functions without a needle or tonearm.

Since its release in late 2017, DJs around the world have been trying to get their hands on a pair of the Rane TWELVE turntables. BPM Supreme and I DJ NOW are giving YOU a chance to win a pair of your own, along with a Rane SEVENTY-TWO mixer. All you have to do is click here to submit your entry. Time is running out though, so be sure to enter before January 4, 2019!

If you missed the recent “Unboxing” of this innovative piece of gear, be sure to check it out here. Would you like to own the Rane TWELVE? Let us know what you think about this video in the comments below.

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