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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Sep 07, 2018   

QUICK LOOK: Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer

BPM Supreme and are back with another “quick look” at some of the most sought after DJ and producer gear on the market. This time we’re checking out the recently unboxed TR-8S Rhythm Performer, Roland’s newest flagship drum machine.

Combining Roland’s iconic drum machines with professional sound design, the TR-8S lets you create beats using your own imported samples or the huge library of included sounds. It also has a modern and intuitive layout that’s completely customizable. 

Watch this episode of “Quick Look” above featuring BPM Supreme’s Raj Thomas. He shows us around the powerful TR-8S while jamming with some of the pre-made patterns and effects.

The TR-8S retails for $699, but for a limited time you can take advantage of 15% off purchases of $149 or more from Use code TAKE15Q3 at checkout.

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