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Rane Corporation Acquired by inMusic

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jul 06, 2016   

Rane Corporation Acquired by inMusic

This morning inMusic, the company that owns Denon DJ and Numark, officially announced the purchase of Rane Corporation. Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn, the co-founders of Rane, have decided to retire this summer.

Based in Washington state, Rane Corporation was founded in 1981 by a small group of former employees from the Phase Linear Corporation. Originally the company manufactured music gear for live performances by small bands, including four devices that are still made today. In the 1984 they helped disco legend Richard Long redesign the DJ mixer for discoteques, which resulted in the MP24 becoming the industry standard. Today DMC World Champions are awarded a golden Rane mixer when they win.

Chris Karns, DMC World Champion 2011
Chris Karns, DMC World Champion 2011


Entrepreneur Jack O’Donnel founded Numark Electronics in 1992. In 2001 the company purchased Alesis, a groundbreaking company at the time that wanted to bring access to studio recording to the general population. Between then and 2015 they went on to amass ION Audio, Akai Professional, MixMeister, Alto Professional, Sonivox, AIR Music Technology, M-Audio, Denon Professional, Denon DJ and Marantz Professional, and Marq Music; at some point changing their name to inMusic.

Linda Arink, Finance Director for Rane, issued the following statement. “I am proud Rane is going to become a member of the inMusic family. This is the perfect new home for our company, one that will embrace the legacy of our products and grow our business to its maximum potential.”

O’Donnell was also excited about the change in ownership this summer when he stated, “Rane Corporation is a great addition to inMusic.”

Apparently we can look forward to a lot of Rane products that are compatible with Akai, Denon and Numark in the coming years.

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