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Rane Reveals Revitalized SEVENTY-TWO MKII and TWELVE MKII

News, Technology, Videos | Aug 06, 2020   

Rane Reveals Revitalized SEVENTY-TWO MKII and TWELVE MKII

Big news from Rane today, as they have officially announced the revitalized SEVENTY-TWO MKII and TWELVE MKII, the next generation of their mega-popular DJ battle gear. The new SEVENTY-TWO MKII adds a highly requested external crossfader tension-adjust and MAG FOUR faders. The TWELVE MKII now connects to more DJ software platforms, including Traktor and Virtual DJ, as well as Serato DJ Pro. Keep reading for more!


Since its release, the SEVENTY-TWO has been a top choice scratch mixer of DJ battle champions. Now, the premium 2-channel SEVENTY-TWO MKII comes with all the same performance capabilities as the original model but adds more features like an external crossfader tension-adjust and three new ultra-light MAG FOUR faders.

The SEVENTY-TWO MKII also allows DJs to customize the parameter controls to act as either Silent Cue, Instant Doubles or Sync control, while the DVS input option has been expanded to include the Aux input as well as the Phono/CD input for more flexible setups. 

If you already own the original SEVENTY-TWO, don’t fret because the new features will be available in the next firmware update, including the ability to purchase and install MAG FOUR faders.


Rane’s TWELVE MKII is the next evolution in turntable controllers. It delivers a vinyl experience without fragile needles and tonearms. The updated model now works with Traktor and Virtual DJ, in addition to Serato DJ Pro. DJs can connect via USB Midi or DVS Audio, or a hybrid of both. Plus, the TWELVE MKII adds features like a new OLED Screen for BPM display and USB control status, instant doubles control, and a new plunger-style Start/Stop button.

Both the SEVENTY-TWO MKII and the TWELVE MKII will be available globally in Q3 of 2020. The SEVENTY-TWO MKII is priced at $1,899, while the TWELVE MKIIs come in at $899 each. To learn even more about this new gear, visit Rane’s website here.


Head over to BPM Supreme’s Facebook page or Rane’s Facebook page right now to catch Jazzy Jeff streaming a live session from his studio on the SEVENTY-TWO MKII and TWELVE MKIIs. 


One thought on “Rane Reveals Revitalized SEVENTY-TWO MKII and TWELVE MKII

  1. I am a dj since 1984. Back in the day, Rane was the standard of mixers in my world, like Technics 1200 turntables were the standard for turntables. It’s great to see that Rane raised the bar, as others like Pioneer raised the bar, before Rane came out with the seventy two & the twelves! Awesome & incredible!

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