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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 25, 2018   

Rane Seventy-Two Gets Refined with Latest Firmware Update

Updated June 27, 2018

Rane’s innovative and performance-focused mixer, the Seventy-Two, officially hit the market this past April. It’s still very new, but that hasn’t stopped Rane from fine-tuning and refining the product. Just released is the Seventy-Two’s latest firmware update, v1.2.

The “battle-ready” Seventy-Two is a premium 2-channel mixer built for club and scratch DJs. It was designed in collaboration with professional turntablists around the globe and has been used at DJ battle competitions like the 2017 DMC USA Finals.

Improvements in v1.2 include a new “heads up” display window for Pad Mode information, FX updates like Tap for tempo, and mic 1 improvements. Check out the quick overview video to see more of the tweaks made in v1.2 and visit Rane’s product page for a full list of updates. 

Have you taken the Rane Seventy-Two for a spin yet? Let us know what you think of this mixer, as well as Rane’s tonearm-less Twelve turntable.

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