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Rane Twelve Now Includes a Sleek White Control Disc

News, Technology | Jun 29, 2018   

Rane Twelve Now Includes a Sleek White Control Disc

Rane has introduced a new white acrylic control disc for their Twelve motorized turntable. This new accessory is similar in weight and thickness to a traditional vinyl but was designed to raise the performance level with better grip and more consistent slip.

The white acrylic disc is highly resistant to warping and doesn’t show fingerprints, so it always looks clean and sleek. It also has a contrasting black marker line, making it easier to see the scratch marker.

Rane says that after using it, many of the best scratch DJs in the world agree that this is an amazing new take on vinyl.

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance the DJ experience,” said Paul Dakeyne, Marketing Director for inMusic DJ brands. ”This new white acrylic control disc for the revolutionary Twelve motorized platter makes scratching a more consistent, positive and repeatable experience for the DJ.” 

A white acrylic control disc will ship immediately with all Twelve purchases in the U.S. and will begin internationally in July. To find out more, visit Rane’s website. If you already own a Twelve or want to buy this control disc separately, you can find white and other styles on

What do you think of this look? Do you have a favorite control vinyl? Leave a comment below.

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