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DJ Experience, News | Sep 25, 2018   

Recap: BPM Supreme’s First Female DJ & Producer Forum

On Tuesday, September 18, BPM Supreme held its very first Female DJ & Producer Forum. Taking place in Downtown San Diego, the packed event featured a panel of talented women including Rhiannon Roze, DJ Diamond, Amy Robbins, DJ Staci, Ayla Simone, DJ Gigi, and Dirty Kurty.

“I’m proud to be on this panel of DJs. Remember, we’re not just female DJs – we’re DJs,” said DJ Gigi, Mixshow DJ for iHeartradio’s hip-hop and R&B station, Jam’n 95.7.

DJ Gigi

As the Q&A session kicked off, mediator, DJ Jenny Pocket jumped right into engaging and thought-provoking questions about being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. A common topic that came up in conversation was the importance of women supporting one another in such a competitive environment.

“If you want to DJ in a T-shirt, do it. If you want to DJ in a tank top, do it. If you are an empowered woman, then empower other women,” said Rhiannon Roze.

Rhiannon Roze takes the mic.

The panelists also gave their opinions on how to stand out in an industry that continues to grow and become more saturated.

Ayla Simone said, “It’s so important to market yourself the right way and figure out what your specialty is. Whether you’re funny, or sexy, or have crazy turntable skills, you have to own it and be yourself.”

Rhiannon Roze and Ayla Simone

DJ Staci is a San Diego-based mobile DJ with over 10 years of experience. She offered great advice for women who travel with heavy DJ gear.

“I couldn’t live without my Rock N Roller DJ Cart. It folds up small and lets me easily cart around all my gear,” DJ Staci said. “Also invest in some of the new lightweight gear that’s being released. Bose Tower Speakers and even some of the compact 15-inch speakers are powerful for their size.”

DJ Staci takes the mic.

When speaking to industry contacts or reaching out to venues for potential bookings, the panelists agreed that the best way to get what you want is to be direct and confident.

“Never be afraid to ask! Reach out, send an email, and tell them exactly what you want. If your soul burns for it, the right people will notice and you’ll get that gig,” said Amy Robbins.

Amy Robbins takes the mic.

DJ Diamond has been spinning for 18 years and has performed in over 40 countries. She discussed how she got into DJing and began traveling for work.

“Right off the bat, I made it my goal to DJ in other countries. At the time, it was unique that I was a female and a DJ, so it is a bit of a different animal now. I had to prove myself time and time again,” DJ Diamond said.

“Always be professional, show up on time, do your job right, and take every opportunity you can. But still be smart and aware as a woman traveling the world,” DJ Diamond added.

Event attendees discussing and networking after the Q&A.

Positive vibes spread through the room like wildfire at BPM Supreme’s first Female DJ & Producer Forum and set the bar high for similar events in the future. Dirty Kurty has been DJing for more than 15 years and said:

“I’m so happy to see this event happening because when I was coming up, there weren’t many female DJs to look up to. It’s really important, not just as female DJs, but as DJs in general, that we respect one another and support one another.”

Dirty Kurty takes the mic.

We’d like to thank our generous sponsors, Roland, Pitbull Audio, JLab Audio, Spindicate Streetwear, and Roses N Rosé Skincare for contributing to the event’s swag bag giveaway. Also, congratulations to DJ Latina from San Diego who took home the grand prize of the night, a Roland DJ 202!

Roland’s Daniel Lee demoes the Roland TR8-S and DJ-202.

Check out more photos from the event below. We’ll be traveling throughout the country to bring more cool events your way. Stay connected on Facebook and check our blog for updates.


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