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Requests for Pokemon Songs Jump 362 Percent

Charts, DJ Experience, News | Jul 12, 2016   

Requests for Pokemon Songs Jump 362 Percent

If you’re a music producer this may be a good time for a Pokemon remix. Streams of Pokemon songs have more than tripled since Pokemon Go debuted this week.

What’s the best soundtrack for hunting pocket monsters in an augmented-reality mobile game? Pokemon theme songs and remixes of course.

In less than a week since it’s release Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and Nintendo’s net value has increased by $7.5 billion dollars. In addition to dead bodies and muggers, the game has another application. Searches for Pokemon related music on Spotify have risen by 362% or more than triple the usual amount. Furthermore users have created over 197,000 Pokemon playlists, 53,000 of which are named after Pikachu.

pikachu is a rock star now

In the spirit of catching them all we have assembled five Pokemon remixes that are popular on SoundCloud. Most of them are dubstep or trap, and have been uploaded for several years before it was cool for adults to play. Perhaps they will inspire you to create your own version. Songs are listed in order of play count.

Top 5 Pokemon Remixes

1. John Sevenight – Pokemon (Dubstep remix)

2. Walt Ribeiro – Gotta Catch ‘Em All (ForOrchestra cover)

3. Verume – Pokeman Trap remix 2

4. Red Blue Opening Theme (RAC Blue Satellite mix)

5. Dark Elixir – Pokemon Tower

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