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Review: The Numark NTX1000 is a Solid Turntable at a Sweet Price

Gear Reviews, News | Aug 15, 2017   

Review: The Numark NTX1000 is a Solid Turntable at a Sweet Price

Numark’s latest addition to their turntable family, the NTX1000, is a professional high-torque direct drive turntable made with the resurgent popularity of vinyl for DJ gigs in mind. Numark says that this turntable will give DJs everything they need and offers both versatility and value. We recently had our in-house expert, Raj Thomas, take the NTX1000 for a spin (pun intended). Check out the review below on this solid and reasonably priced turntable:

“A new contender has entered the market! Since Technics bowed out of the game years ago, the market has been looking for a new turntable to dethrone the classic Technics 1200 series as the best DJ Turntable in the market. The race to make a durable, dependable and time-tested turntable continues, but I recently had the chance to meet the newest contender: the Numark NTX1000.

First Impressions

My first thought during unboxing was that I liked the weight, as this usually indicates a solid build quality. Assembly of the turntable was straightforward and pretty easy – if you’ve ever assembled a turntable before, you’ll have no problem.

The look of the NTX1000 matches the styling of other Numark DJ products that have been released in recent years. It felt somewhat similar in style to the Numark NS7 and V7 series. The all black and grey color scheme is sleek and looks great with most mixers on the market. I even placed it next to two different mixers in our office and it looked great with both. The dust cover lid is just as you’d expect, and looks fine as a stand-alone turntable, great for consumers who just want a recreational turntable.

numark body 1

Stand-Out Features

  • Wide pitch range capabilities work well and are very accurate. There are 3 ranges +/- 8% , 16% and 50%. The extreme +/- 50% is great when using a DVS such as Serato or Rekordbox.
  • Solid build quality and nice rubber feet do a great job to prevent the hum from external bass sources such as subwoofers.
  • Performance on the NTX1000 is definitely above average and scratching on the turntable is just as you’d expect from a quality direct drive turntable.
  • Price point really hits the sweet spot, and is the icing on the cake when it comes to why I’d purchase this new turntable myself. 


  • Solid build quality
  • Handles rumbling well
  • Range and Pitch response is great
  • Start and Stop Time adjustment is a cool feature
  • USB Connectivity to rip your records to MP3
  • Nice slipmat included
  • Price point can’t be beat


  • Takes a second to “power on” (if you plan to power off and on during a routine, it may take some getting used to)
  • Tone Arm Counter Weight adjustment is odd and slightly difficult to adjust

Overall Grade: B+

At $399.99 this is hands down the turntable to purchase if you want a solid table for playing vinyl recreationally, for your first DJ setup, or if you’re getting back into the DJ game after a long hiatus.”

numark body 2

You can check out more information about the NTX1000 on Numark’s website and find a distributor near you. Also take a look at Numark’s newest 4-channel DJ controller, the NS6II, announced earlier this year.

With so many equipment options on the market for DJs, choosing the right gear for your needs and budget can be tricky. Let us know if you found this review helpful and if you’d like to see a review on any other DJ gear! 

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