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News, Technology, Videos | Oct 18, 2018   

ROLI’s All-in-One Beatmaker Kit Combines Lightpad and Loop BLOCKS

ROLI, the manufacturers behind Seaboard and the modular music making system, Blocks, have combined their Lightpad Block MIDI pad controller and Loop Block production controller to create the Beatmaker Kit. Bundled with an extensive set of software programs for desktop and mobile, the Beatmaker Kit is an all-in-one package for producing tracks and making beats.

The Lightpad Block on its own is small enough to fit in your hand and contains a wealth of sounds, such as drumbeats, guitar leads and orchestral movements. By combining with the Loop Block, you can record loops, play them back, set your tempo, and produce tracks even faster.

Beatmaker Kit comes with a custom version of Ableton Live Lite and is compatible with a range of other DAWs, including Logic Pro, Garageband, Cypher2, Kontakt, and Massive. It also includes a 6-month subscription to the skill-building program, Melodics, and over 300 sounds that are custom-made for 5D Touch on the Lightpad Block’s surface. 

Key features:

  • Learn to finger drum with a 6-month Melodics subscription
  • Play on a touch-responsive Lightpad Block surface
  • Produce tracks faster with the Loop Block
  • Travel anywhere with a wireless and portable setup
  • Explore hundreds of expressive sounds
  • Complete your tracks with a high-powered software suite, including Ableton Live Lite
  • Change the LED Lightpad surface for different notes and scales
  • Customize your modular system

Beatmaker Kit is available now for $299 USD. Visit ROLI’s website to learn more.

What do you think of the Beatmaker Kit? Do you own any ROLI Blocks? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

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