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Serato’s Next Major Update 1.8: Key Detection, Key Shifting, and More

News, Technology | Oct 07, 2015   

Serato’s Next Major Update 1.8: Key Detection, Key Shifting, and More

Exciting news from Serato. DJ 1.8 was announced today, which will be the next major software update.

On Serato’s blog, they state that this update “will be a free update for all DJs with supported Serato DJ hardware or licenses, and will be available end of October.”

Some of the questions asked on Serato’s blog post have been answered by the company. Here is a list of the Q&A we saw:


Q: Will it be compatible with OS X El Capitan?

A: No this release will not officially support Mac OS X El Capitan. We’re currently working together with our hardware partners to investigate the connection and audio issues being reported so these can be resolved for another upcoming Serato DJ release.

Q: Is it ok with DDJ-SX?

A: Yep, the DDJ-SX is a Serato DJ Enabled controller

Q: Will this support the use of real keys or just those silly “Camelot” codes?

A: You can choose to display key in either Camelot, Classical, Open Key or what’s already in your tags. Options my friend, options.

Q: Will I have to re-analyze all of my songs for Serato DJ to adds it`s own key information, or will it detect the current key information already on the file that MIK put in?

A: It will detect and display any previous key info that is in your tags. You can then just choose to analyse only the music in your library without key info, or re-analyse everything. It’s up to you. If you have different key tags throughout your library, our key display will be helpful too as it will let you display everything in one single format, depending on what you like to use 

Below is additional information about the update. Share your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

What will this update do?

  • Adds key detection and display
  • An update to Pitch ‘n Time DJ allowing key shifting and key sync
  • User hardware remapping
  • Additional performance and stability updates

Key Detection

  • Analyze the root key of your tracks in the Serato DJ Offline Player, a free download.
  • Organize your Serato DJ library by key.
  • Colored key display in the Serato DJ library for quick and easy recognition and key matching.
  • Choose one format to display key for all your tracks, whether analysed in Serato DJ or elsewhere. Display Camelot, Open Key, Musical Key notation or Original Tag (what’s already in your files).
  • Key is written to your track. View this info in any other music software that supports ID3 tags.
  • Serato DJ key analysis is developed by Serato.

Serato Key analysis will be available for all Serato DJ users in Serato DJ 1.8.

Pitch ‘N Time DJ Update

  • Key shift, match and key sync.
  • Harmonic mixing made easy. Simple visual representation of compatible track keys on deck.
  • Manually match key for the track you are mixing, key sync automatically or choose between various compatible keys.
  • Studio quality algorithm, used by post-production professionals, audio engineers and producers worldwide.
  • Speed up or slow down your track to extreme tempo values while maintaining its key perfectly, with the highest quality and definition of any available software.
  • Free for current Pitch ‘n Time DJ users updating to Serato DJ 1.8. For new users, Pitch ‘n Time DJ can be purchased in-app or on the Serato Online Store for 29USD.

Hardware Remapping

Supported hardware* is being opened up for user remapping of Serato DJ features. For advanced users wanting custom control, remap parts of your controller for quick access to features you use regularly.

*Official Serato Accessories do not support remapping at this stage.
*There are some limitations for specific hardware. For specific information on remapping your controller, refer to individual controller quickstart guide.
Serato DJ 1.8 will be available end of October for all Serato DJ users!

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