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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jun 05, 2019   

Software Spotlight: Audionamix XTRAX STEMS 2

Picture this: you’re in the studio working on a remix, but quickly realize the DIY acapella you have just isn’t good enough. So you set off to find a better one, only to grow frustrated and lose motivation in a tedious search. It’s a situation many DJs, producers, and remixers find themselves in way too often.

Fortunately, that’s a problem software developer Audionamix set out to fix with their audio extraction program, XTRAX STEMS.

XTRAX STEMS 2 is a standalone software that enables users to separate any track into three stems: vocals, drums, and the remaining music. Like magic, its cloud-based separation algorithm is powered by artificial intelligence, giving users a simple and intuitive way to extract parts of a track, like an acapella or a sample.

On this episode of “Software Spotlight,” BPM Supreme’s sound design expert, Mike Acosta gives an in-depth look at XTRAX STEMS 2. He begins by explaining what the software is and showing how it works using his original track, “Don’t Let it Show.” Acosta then breaks down its main features and explains the upgrades in version two. Watch the full video above to learn more.

XTRAX STEMS 2 is available for Windows and Mac for $99 on Audionamix’s website. Let us know if you’ve used this software. If so, has it helped you make your own acapellas or samples?

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