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SoundCloud Is Going to Start Paying DJ’s

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Nov 17, 2016   

SoundCloud Is Going to Start Paying DJ’s

SoundCloud has announced they are rolling out their artist revenue program and will soon be able to invite more users. They have also updated their app!

Today SoundCloud made a series of announcements to coincide with the SoundCloud’s Artist Forum 2016 that was held via Facebook Live. The most interesting of which is that they will begin inviting more artists to their recently developed revenue sharing program. Additionally SoundCloud Pulse has been updated and there is a new Creator Guide.


Possible artists enjoy SoundCloud revenue sharing program.

In the past few months the team at SoundCloud has managed to streamline and automate the process of revenue sharing. This means they can invite more producers and musicians, more quickly. They can do this because of increased revenue from their paid subscription service SoundCloud Go, as well as advertising. Last October the company announced profits were up 43% to almost $28 million.

So far the program is by-invite-only for notable producers of original music. However you can request an invitation by submitting your profile here.


The SoundCloud Pulse app debuted last year as a means for creators to keep track of their music. New updates include the ability to edit track titles, genres, tags and descriptions. Users can also choose whether a track is public, private or downloadable from their smartphone or tablet. SoundCloud Pulse is available for Android and iOS.

Creators who want to optimize their presence on SoundCloud should check out the newly updated Creator Guide. It contains information for producers that post music to SoundCloud a lot, such as improving track descriptions, podcasting, sharing your work and checking progress. You can read it at the official SoundCloud website.

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