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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 11, 2019   

SoundSwitch 2.0 Adds Subscription Pricing and Support for Third-Party Hardware

Shortly after releasing version 1.9 with support for Denon DJ’s Prime Series, SoundSwitch has launched version 2.0, available today. The update adds subscription model pricing, plus expanded support for a third-party interface, the Enttec DMX Pro 2 MK2, as well as the new SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface. Keep reading for more.

SoundSwitch seamlessly syncs lighting and DJ software, enabling DJs to create engaging live performances. Previously, the SoundSwitch software was compatible only with a SoundSwitch DMX interface.

“This is big news for DJs looking to try out SoundSwitch and already have a box from another brand. Smart move on the company’s part to create a way to easily convert users,” said BPM Supreme’s Raj Thomas.

DMX Hardware Support

The latest update in version 2.0 makes SoundSwitch more accessible to DJs with support for third-party USB to DMX hardware. The first third-party hardware to be supported is the Enttec DMX Pro 2 interface. Current owners of Enttec units can access the software via the subscription service.

SoundSwitch can also be used with the company’s new Micro DMX Interface that’s available for just $29.99 with three months of software access. 

New Subscription Model

DJs can now choose how they want to access the software by selecting the supported hardware and subscription option that suits their needs. Plans are available for $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. You can also get the extended license for $199.99 per year that allows for continuous free upgrades.

All Key Features

  • Subscription payment options
  • Support for the new SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
  • Support for third-party Enttec DMX hardware
  • DMX fixture map
  • Attribute cue upgrade
  • Engine Prime music library and metadata displayed in Edit Mode
  • Advanced automated light show creation

It’s also worth mentioning that you can use SoundSwitch with most popular DJ software, including Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Ableton Live, and Traktor Pro. To learn more, visit the SoundSwitch website.

Have you used SoundSwitch for a live DJ performance, or are you interested in trying it out? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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