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Special Curated Set Celebrating Mac Miller’s Music

DJ Experience, Mixes, News | Sep 21, 2018   

Special Curated Set Celebrating Mac Miller’s Music

It’s been two weeks since the tragic loss of Mac Miller stunned the music world. The Pittsburgh-born rapper, singer, and producer died of an apparent overdose at the age of 26 in his Los Angeles home on September 7, 2018.

In Miller’s 10+ year career, he was recognized for blending a smooth rhythm, creative lyrics, and mellow vocals. The news of his passing came not long after the release of his 5th studio album, Swimming. Publications like Rolling Stone called the album Miller’s “most impactful album of his career.” Although most tracks on Swimming seemed to be conceived around Miller’s deep-rooted emotional struggles, they revealed a delicate balance between those struggles and hopeful determination to overcome them.

To honor this talented and artistic musician, BPM Supreme created a special Curated Set dedicated to Miller’s music. Keep his memory alive by listening, sharing, and playing these tracks at your next gig. 

Check out the Mac Miller Tribute Curated Set now for Premium Members or find more of his music on BPM Supreme.

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