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Spotify Party Poised to Take Over DJing

DJ Experience, News, Videos | Dec 30, 2015   

Spotify Party Poised to Take Over DJing

Spotify is like that really cool friend you just met. He or she shares all your interests, you can have a conversation for hours, you can take them on a jog, go to the gym, or even have them around while you’re studying.

As a DJ, you’ve probably appreciated Spotify for letting you discover new tracks, mixes, and artists. But now Spotify has come out with a dandy new feature that is sure to make many professional DJs super jolly.

Spotify Party is the newest feature released by Spotify earlier this month. This service promises its users that they [Spotify] will control the vibe while all the user needs to do is “just play” at their event or party.


What’s at stake for the professional DJ? Can a professional DJ be so easily replaceable as seamlessly as it seems in Spotify’s new video ad?

We don’t think so, but that’s just our opinion which we so illustriously painted in our previous article regarding “DeeJaying it Yourself.”

In this article we wrote 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT rely on streaming services, like Spotify, to be the DJ at a party.


Here were our 5 reasons:

1. Sound Quality Will Not be the Same
2. The Automaton that is Spotify Cannot Read the Crowd (Realtime)
3. There is a LACK of Coordinating Announcements
4. The Gear Quality Will Not be the Same
5. Song Collection (Debatable)

There could be more reasons, or even the reasons we listed could be debatable. But the fact remains – Spotify is poised to become a giant in the industry.

The data is crystal clear, Spotify is growing – fast. The popularity of the streaming service is exploding. The revenue growth it has seen over the past few years is phenomenal. It’s now valued at over $10 billion and does not seem to be slowing.

Even Diplo has hopped on the gravy train with his partnership with Spotify.


What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below and let your voice be heard.

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2 thoughts on “Spotify Party Poised to Take Over DJing

  1. I have never heard Diplo, or Spotify, scratch/juggle a beat, remix a beat, or create a live mashup. Realistically, the only thing Spotify Play is replacing is your cousin’s iPod playlist; and if Spotify is using a comparable algorithm that their artist radio already uses then they won’t even be doing that very well.

  2. I highly appreciate how much content Spotify provides and I use Spotify for hours on end. I pay a reduced price for premium, but I got rid of my smartphone April of 2015, so I can’t access this feature or the running playlists feature (which I was looking forward to trying ’cause I run spring-through-fall of every year). In my opinion, Spotify needs to focus on more computer/desktop features.

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