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BPM Supreme TV, DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jul 17, 2019   

Tech N9ne Shares Mortifying On-Stage Experience on Latest ‘Backspin’

Backspin” is BPM Supreme’s newest series, featuring some of our favorite DJs and artists sharing their memorable, often hilarious experiences and behind-the-scenes stories. 

Recently, we caught up with rapper/producer/entrepreneur extraordinaire Tech N9ne to listen to a few wild stories from his 20+-year music career. Watch the full episode above to hear Tech N9ne share an uncomfortable and almost disastrous incident he suffered years back on stage at a show. (Warning: if you are easily offended by crude humor, this video may not be for you.)

Tech N9ne’s newest album, N9NA, was released this past April and the video for his latest single “Like I Ain’t” (Kathartic Episode 2) has grossed almost 10 million views on YouTube! He’s currently on tour in Europe and returns to the States in September. Download Tech N9ne’s music and videos now on BPM Supreme.

Is there an artist or DJ who you’d like to see on a future episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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