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Thank You for Entering the New Year New Gear Giveaway

DJ Experience, News | Jan 07, 2020   

Thank You for Entering the New Year New Gear Giveaway

Congratulations to Luis Montalvo, a.k.a. DJ Evil Lou — the grand prize winner of a DJ prize pack worth more than $5,000! Montalvo is the proud new owner of a Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ all-in-one DJ system, two Pioneer XPRS 12″ Speakers, a one-year Premium Membership to BPM Supreme, as well as one-year Premium Membership to BPM Latino, and BPM Supply merchandise pack.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s New Year New Gear Giveaway! If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry — there will be more great giveaways in the future.

“BPM Supreme is always looking for new ways to connect with the DJ. We’re glad to give this great prize to a deserving DJ,” said Angel “AROCK” Castillo. “Congratulations, Lou!”

This year’s grand prize is not only perfect for mobile DJs, but any DJ who is looking for an epic at-home setup. Plus, with a one-year Premium membership to BPM Supreme as well as BPM Latino, our lucky winner is sure to have all of the music he needs to craft the perfect set. 

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered, happy New Year, and be sure to stay tuned for what’s next from BPM Supreme!

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