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The All New Reloop RMP-4

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Sep 10, 2015   

The All New Reloop RMP-4

Check it out! For those familiar with Reloop’s well-known RMP series – a Multi-platform Hybrid USB Media Player — you’ll be excited to know that the new RMP-4 has now been released. The player is durable, solid, and robust – comprising a USB player, CD Player, and a controller used for software, along with four performance modes that are new and absolutely outstanding! Even more, the sound produced by the RMP-4 is extremely sharp and clear. While using the high-resolution key lock function there is absolutely no distortion. The RMP-4 has these four performance modes: Hot Loop, Loop Roll,Hot Cue and Sampler.

Reloop RMP-4
Reloop RMP-4

The RMP-4 weighs 3.91 kg, and the dimensions are 340.5mm x 320mm x 112.6mm.

Basic Features:
➢ Hybrid Media Player which plays Audio from Control Software via MIDI, USB Drives, and CDs
➢ An all innovative show outline supporting instinctive work stream
➢ Four performance modes with 8 Trigger Pads: Sampler, Loop Roll, Hot Loop, Hot Cue
➢ MIDI Mappings available for popular DJ software like Traktor and Serato DJ.

Reloop RMP-4
Reloop RMP-4

Other Features
There is meta-data shown on a large DotMatrix VFD display panel which loads automatically and quickly. On this display you can see the tracks. The library of songs is easily navigable and is controlled by the push encoder located right next to the screen. You can also change settings individually by using the main set-up menu. There is also the smart-link connection which drastically increases the performance capabilities by connecting two different RMP-4 players. Imagine two of these players performing together! All you need to do is use Sync mode, where both tracks are synchronized through the master slave setting. You also get access to one USB source or choose to use DJ software.
Next in line is what they call the dual-zone jog wheel, which features a high-resolution pitch fader (100mm) and a smooth surface which can easily be used with your finger. The pitch fader is used to match beats manually up to about .01% — give or take.

Reloop RMP-4
Reloop RMP-4

Four Modes
There are four total modes which include eight trigger pads. The Hot Cue and Hot Loop modes are designed to either be triggered, stored, or completely deleted from the unit. Inside the Loop Roll mode you can trigger as many as eight different lengths, ranging anywhere between 1/32 beats and 4/1 beats. What’s great is the SLIP mode, which is incorporated into the device, allowing for certain enhancements. The Sampler is the last mode which gives anyone access to seamless loops and as many as 8 “one-off” samples.

MIDI Mappings Available for DJ Software
Another additional feature are two USB ports (2.0) and a DMS – Database Management Software – for both a PC and a Mac. It’s used to analyze songs located in the library for light-speed access, ultimately improving the listening experience. There is software that is popular for DJs such as Traktor and Serato DJ that can be used with the MIDI Mappings capabilities. MP3, WAV, AAC, and AIFF are supported formats for the MIDI Mappings feature. MIDI Mappings for many of the DJ software is available for download.


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  1. Heck, even the SC2900 has a crude CDJ1000-like whole waveform and a built-in soundcard. It took 4 years to finally get the pitch bend right and add slip? Hanpin finally follows my advice, but at this point they’re still lagging behind Denon and Gemini in the budget category.

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