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DJ Experience, News, Technology, Videos | Sep 27, 2019   

Top 3 Features: Denon DJ Prime 4 Standalone DJ System

The DJ industry experienced a bunch of great gear releases this year, but one of the most impressive has to be the Denon DJ Prime 4. With features like a 10-inch touchscreen and dual zone output, this standalone DJ system was built for DJs who want the workflow and performance capabilities of a traditional setup without the need for a laptop.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Prime 4 in action yet, check out the video above presented by I DJ Now. After having a chance to unbox the Prime 4, BPM Supreme’s DJ Inspire walks us through her three favorite features of the unit.

Learn more on the Denon DJ website and let us know what your favorite DJ gear release of 2019 is so far! 

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