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Top 5 DJ Setups (According to Reddit’s /DJSetups)

DJ Experience, News | Oct 19, 2015   

Top 5 DJ Setups (According to Reddit’s /DJSetups)

We’re so used to seeing articles on DJ setups from Steve Aoki, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Kaskade, etc. But there are also many other DJs who have their own very unique setups.

If you’ve ever been to Reddit, then you know there are thousands of “subreddits” which feature content that’s catered to specific interests. We occasionally visit the subreddit /r/DJSetups and found some setups that are one-of-a-kind. 

Below are the top 5 setups from /r/DJSetups. If you want to share your own setup, tag us in your pic on Instagram or Facebook. 

1. “Just My Setup”

Here is the “top-voted” setup from /u/dkDAnCE.

Below is a bit of Q & A from the comments section.

Q: “Is that a custom deck setup or did you buy off the shelf. How’re you finding the Z2? Is it just a scratch mixer or would a house/techno DJ benefit do you think?”

A: The base is a standard IKEA shelf, the “housing” for all the gear and cables is custom made. The Z2 is in my opinion a much-underrated piece of hardware. It sounds good, even if it sounds not as good as an A&H or Ecler Mixer, the build quality is quite good and when it comes to Traktor controls the Z2 is a perfect companion. I mostly play Depp/Tech-House so it´s definitely not only a Scratch only mixer!



3 - sWeOng6

5 - TRl72At


2. “I present my hard work and evolution!”

The second top voted setup was from /u/wtfomghaxbob. This chronicles a journey of a DJ building his setup who also happens to be on a college budget. 

“Took 5 jobs, 8 months of hard work, and lots of dedication as a College senior. Anything is possible!”

Here is some more Q & A from the comment section.

Q: Which odyssey case is that where you have your DJM and X1 snuggly fit together? How tight was the fit?

A: I modded an S4 Case. It was a nice fit with just enough room for everything I needed. Only complaint is that i had to flip the case around and use it backwards since the DJM w/ cables sticking out didn’t really fit. I tried elevating the Mixer at an angle to counter it, but that didn’t sit well with the X1. Also, raising the X1 wasn’t great until i got one of the NI Metal Stands for the X1.

TLDR: S4 case, backwards, X1 + stand + Foam

01 - This is where it all began
“This is where it all began.”
02 - So naturally
“Ikea hacked desk of course.”
06 - Production DJing
“Production + DJing?!”
08 - Things get a little crazy
“5 jobs, the dream begins.”
10 - Living the Dream
“Full Nexus system; for mobile gigs & club practice.”


3. “Time to Make Records”

“This is my studio.” – jackjackjackyobody

This setup came in third and was from /u/jackjackjackyobody.


About buying vinyl:

Knowledge is key when buying, as it allows you to really know whether something is a deal or not. Even if you are buying a single new record in a store, having the background and foresight to know that a) not only is it a track that you like, but b) it is a special track that is going to hold its shelf life for a very long time, if not forever.

Never than any other time ever has it been easier to educate yourself regarding music. Between discogs and youtube and what have you, you have amazing cross referencing resources at your fingertips to figure out exactly where you want to end up and what you want to buy. Being a DJ means being a sleuth, at least for vinyl anyway. Read your find print, notice how the label feels, notice the dates, notice who distributed it, who did mixes on it, etc. Notice everything and file it in the back of your mind. As time goes on, you get sharper and you know what when and how to pick things up. Countless times I’ve found myself kicking myself for passing something up because I was uneducated to know what it was or unexposed enough to not know that it was actually amazing and not retarded sounding like I thought it was.

Over time you’ll figure out what works best for you. Some guys just want a bunch of records that sound the same so they can mix them. Some guys want super rare gems and bizarre off-the-road stuff. It all just depends. For me, it’s a combination of lots of stuff: things I mindlessly bought when they came out that are good or passable, things I have spent big bucks on because they are that amazing and rare and special to me, things that I keep around because it’s a tool or it’s filler, etc. What kind of a DJ you are dictates your buying habits.
Give it a try. If your heart is in it, you’ll find your way. For sure.
Sorry if I rambled.






4. “Battle Station V3. Finished.”

Setup #4 comes from /u/mixminus.

Here is a bit of the Q & A.

Q: So is it one computer running 4 decks in SSL/SDJ, and you have two screens, both showing the same display output? Also, do you still only have one cue section between the two DJs?

A: Yup. Mirrored screens. Mac mini hidden inside. Yes and no. We have a unique way for that too. We use IEM rather than headphones. Highly recommend for many reasons. The headphone cue is shared but it’s split to two mini stereo mixers on the front of the battle station. Master and ambient mics are also routed to this mini mixer so each Dj can mix what they want in their own in ears. The output of these mixers go to a wireless transmit then back to the Djs via a rf belt pack.

Like I said earlier. Wiring is insane on the inside 20+ pieces of gear and 100+ wires.


Z9GC1PT - Imgur




5. “My Solution to Messy Cables.”

This one’s for all of you neat-freaks out there and especially for the messy guys that can’t seem to organize their setups. This setup is from /u/nNaz. 

3 - ggf8xHY

2 - H92b5Zq

1 - Ab4yKNX


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