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Top Five 360 Degree Music Videos

News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Jul 08, 2016   

Top Five 360 Degree Music Videos

As virtual reality (VR) gains momentum, more artists are releasing 360 degree music videos. Please note, to watch these, you’ll need to use Google Chrome or a smartphone.

YouTube debuted 360 degree videos last year and many artists supported that release with 3D music videos. Although not technically virtual reality, the technology allows one to view multiple angles from a fixed point on the screen using the controller in the top left hand corner. But that’s not the only way VR is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Last year, Live Nation announced a partnership with NextVR, planning to provide 3D streams of concerts using VR headsets.

The music videos are listed in order of popularity according to the view count, from top to bottom. Remember it only works on iOS, Android and Google Chrome!

1. Avicii – Waiting for Love

Avicii, or Tim Bergling, released three music videos for his single “Waiting for Love” in the spring of 2015. This includes an official music video, lyric video and this 360 degree video. In contrast to the official music video starring an old man, it features dancers entering and exiting doors that are arranged in a circular fashion. 

2. Namie Amuro – Golden Touch

Namie Amuro is a singer, dancer, fashion model, actress, businesswoman, and one of the most famous women in Japan. The single “Golden Touch” is from her twelfth studio album (and third English album) _genic. Amuro produced an interactive video that makes it seem like you are controlling the different scenes. Elle Magazine called the music video, “Colorful, fun, gay … but especially interactive.”

3. Björk – Stonemilker

In the summer of 2015, singer-songwriter Björk unveiled a 360º music video for the track “Stonemilker” off her eighth studio album Vulnicara. It features Björk on an Icelandic beach singing and wearing lime green attire; a bright contrast to the gloomy background. You can choose to watch multiple Björks performing at odd angles, or just stare off into the horizon of the ocean. She premiered the video at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City and the Rough Trade shops in New York and London.

4. Redfoo – Booty Man

Stefan Kendal Gordy, better known as Redfoo, is a well known member of the pop duo LMFAO. He is credited as the first rapper to figure out you can use the 360 degree technology to look at multiple booties in one sitting. The wide angle is a refreshing take on the classic twerk style of music video favored by rappers that often features many scantily clad dancers and groupies. The song is a new anthem for anyone that prefers A to T.

5. The Weeknd ft Eminem – The Hills (remix)

When Eminem wants to remix a song, they let him do it. So he added his own unique flow to “The Hills”, tweeting, “Too good to pass up! I had to do the remix for #thehills with @theweeknd.” The 360º music video itself is quite entertaining. It shows a clip of the Weeknd leaving a strange building while huge explosions happen in front of him. The high definition is so real you can even see his trademark hair flopping around.

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