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News, Technology, Videos | Jul 10, 2019   

TRAKTOR PRO 3.2 Released: ‘The Harmonic Mixing Update’

If you’re a DJ who likes to mix in key, then Native Instruments’ latest update to TRAKTOR PRO 3 is for you. Version 3.2, the “harmonic mixing update,” adds a set of features and tools designed to help DJs mix in key, as well as improvements to make your tracks sound better.

Currently, DJs can analyze a track in TRAKTOR PRO 3 to set its BPM and musical key. Choosing which track to play next is done manually by searching for a song with a similar key and tempo. The new update takes things up a notch.

TRAKTOR PRO 3.2 contains features such as highlighting tracks that match the key or are adjacent to the key of the song on the master deck.

There is also a new time-stretching algorithm, a key widget header, and the ability to pitch songs up or down in semitones. Another feature will display the offset between the resulting key and the original key to help avoid pitching too far and losing sound quality.

Version 3.2 also includes important fixes and improvements like giving the TRAKTOR S4 MK3 a headphone volume boost of +6dB. Check a list of updates and new features below.

New Features in TRAKTOR PRO 3.2:

  • Elastique 3.3.0 Time Stretching: The time-stretching algorithms have been updated to the newest version. Your tracks will sound more present, and transients will maintain their definition when pitching up or down.
  • New Key Widget replacing former Key Lock button: This new widget prominently provides the core features for harmonic mixing all in one place: Key Lock on/off, colored resulting key display, and semitone up/down controls. The new visual appearance can be toggled on/off in the preferences.
  • Semitone up/down key control in Key Widget: When engaging Key Lock, the Key Widget displays semitone up/down buttons, enabling you to pitch the track up or down in musically-relevant steps.
  • Display of resulting key in Key Widget: When engaging Key Lock, the button displays the original key of the playing track in the notation of your choice. This enables you to find the next matching track easily be following the rules of harmonic mixing.
  • Display offset between resulting and original in Key Widget: When engaging Key Lock, the button below the resulting key displays the offset from the track’s original key in steps of semitones. This enables you to avoid offsets that are too large, which may result in audio degradation.
  • Optionally display resulting key in Deck Header: The resulting key can also be displayed in the deck header by selecting the option “Resulting Key” in the Deck Header section of the “Track Decks” preferences tab. This value also displays the resulting key without engaging Key Lock by showing the closest full semitone along with the current offset in cents.
  • Highlight for tracks matching the MASTER deck’s key: When engaging Key Lock on the current Master Deck, all matching keys will be highlighted in the browser, enabling you to select the next matching song in your set. How exactly the keys are highlighted can be personalized in a preference setting.
  • Option to personalize highlighting of key color in browser: A new preference option in the “Browser” tab of the preferences allows you to customize the way, matching keys will be highlighted in the key column of the browser.
  • Quantized semitone up/down controls on S4 MK3: The new quantized semitone control provided by the Key Widget has been applied to the Key Control on the S4MK3. This way shift + right encoder on the S4 now snaps to the closest full semitone.
  • Display quantized resulting key on S4 MK3: The way the resulting key is displayed on the S4 MK3 has also been aligned with the Key Widget on the UI of TRAKTOR PRO.
  • S4 MK3 headphone volume boost by +6dB: This version of TRAKTOR asks you to update your controller to firmware 060, which features a boost of the S4’s headphone volume by +6dB.

Along with the update, Native Instruments recruited legendary techno DJ/producer Chris Liebing to go over some of the new features as well as to share his approach to mixing in key. Watch Liebing’s video above and download the free TRAKTOR PRO 3.2 update on Native Instruments’ website.

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