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TRAKTOR PRO 3.4 Released With Long-Awaited Browser Improvements

News, Technology | Sep 30, 2020   

TRAKTOR PRO 3.4 Released With Long-Awaited Browser Improvements

Native Instruments has released the latest update to their DJ software, TRAKTOR PRO 3.4, delivering some long-awaited browser enhancements, including the introduction of Smartlists, plus a slew of improvements. Keep reading to learn about all of the new features.

New Features

  • Smartlists: also known as “Smart Playlists,” are playlists generated by a user-defined filter. All tracks added to the collection that match the filter will automatically show up in the Smartlist. A new Smartlist is created via Create Smartlist in the context menu (right-click) of the Playlists tree node.
  • Secondary Column Sorting: the browser list can now be sorted by a second column via Shift-clicking the column header. This allows you to sort by BPM within a list already sorted by Key for example.
  • RANE Twelve MK2 Integration: integrated tracking and mapping of the RANE Twelve MK2. Configuration is semi-automatic via the Setup Wizard.


  • Robust media file tag access: increased robustness, fewer unexpected behaviors and fewer crashes in dealing with audio files metadata.
  • Sharper User Interface (macOS): implementing new drawing mechanism on macOS which removes blurry UI or additional CPU toll.
  • Sorting in iTunes node same as in iTunes/Music: the order of folders, playlists and SmartLists in TRAKTOR’s iTunes node now matches the order in iTunes/Music.
  • Contextual search visibility: the contextual search icon (magnifying glass) is now only visible on hover, which makes the track list look much cleaner.
  • New browser columns added in place: new browser columns in the track list, are now added to the left of the selected column and thereby instantly visible.
  • Improved expand / collapse in browser tree: expanded and collapsed states of browser tree nodes are now visualized and controlled by a leading triangle. The mouse interaction is now identical to the macOS Finder.
  • Expanded / collapsed states restored on restart: the expanded/collapsed states of all browser nodes are now correctly restored after restarting the application.
  • Row color picker in all columns: the color picker menu, so far only available in the Color column is now available in all columns of the track list.
  • Improved track list row coloring: the saturation of the row coloring and the color dots in the Color column has been increased for better visibility.
  • Redesigned browser icons: the icons used in the browser have received a facelift making them more consistent and readable.
  • Improved browser space icons: the spacing of the browser tree has been slightly increased to improve usability.
  • Increased track list font contrast: the contrast of the track list font has been increased for better visibility when scrolling.
  • Search bar highlight: the Search Bar is now highlighted when in focus which prevents overlooking an active filter when browsing.
  • Improved default browser layout: the default column layout has been overhauled based on their frequency of use.
  • Improved track list collection and drag destination highlights: the highlight when selecting an entry in the track list and when dragging a track onto a playlist has been dimmed to make it easier on the eyes and increase readability of the selected text.
  • Refined Favorites, Track Info and Status Bar layouts: the spacing and layout of the Favorites, Track Info and Status Bar sections have been overhauled and refined.
  • Improved scrollbar handle at smaller window sizes: the vertical scrollbar handle now has a minimum size at small track list window sizes for improved mouse control.
  • Streaming error warning: the deck header now shows an error message if the player detects streaming errors.

The latest update is free to existing TRAKTOR DJs. For new TRAKTOR users, you can purchase TRAKTOR PRO 3 for $99 or try a free demo. To learn more, visit Native Instruments’ website.

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